Secular Woman, through our project Abort Theocracy, has launched a campaign aimed at eliminating stigma and encouraging people to talk openly, shamelessly, about their reproductive health experiences. The campaign is, appropriately, called #ShameLESS. We are sharing your stories throughout the year with memes which you can share via social media, as well as publishing your stories on our sister site

Secular Woman Obtains Non-profit Status

June 2014 was an incredible month for Secular Woman!


Three milestone events happened, only one of which has been made public to date. The first event is the two year anniversary of the launch of Secular Woman. We’ve accomplished so much that I thought surely it must be our third year anniversary. I remained under that misapprehension until I began receiving congratulatory notices on our SECOND year anniversary!


Write for Secular Woman

Calling all writers! Secular Woman is starting a new writing focused project aimed at bringing our readership the latest in news and opinions of interest to secular women.

Screen shot of text from Ginsberg's dissent with Hobby Lobby imposed in orange and backwards

Earlier this year, Secular Woman signed an amicus brief filed by the National Women's Law Center in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius.

Secular Woman Celebrates Second Year

We can hardly believe it, but Secular Woman is celebrating its two year anniversary today! Over the past two years we’ve been lucky enough to establish a wonderful and supportive member base who continually remind us of what secular women can accomplish and why Secular Woman was founded in the first place - so that secular women could have a dedicated voice.

Caroline Fiennes

Caroline Fiennes is slated to be the keynote speaker at Foundation Beyond Belief's upcoming first ever national conference. Secular Woman is raising money to help bring her to the conference. (You can donate here to help.) To pique your interest, we asked her a few questions.


SW: What is your giving and nonprofit background?

Red text spelling out #SecularMH

Secular Woman hosted a twitter chat on mental health from a secular perspective. If the embed below does not work, you can view the history here.


Rows of cermaic pieces featuring Rosie the Riveter and the worlds "We Can Do it"

SW:   How did you get started making ceramics?

ADR: I first began working in clay by helping my mother, Charlene. At the time, my mother had a small home business that made porcelain awards for horse shows. I was really, very influenced by her work even though I probably didn't know it early on. Her highly detailed work has without a doubt influenced my artwork today.

Colorful portrait of a woman

Ania Bula is an artist and member of Secular Woman. You can shop for her items at Ania Onion Creations. She will also have a table at Women in Secularism 3 where you will be able to view and purchase her work.

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