Advisory Council

Trinity Aodh is a young trans woman.  Drawing from the unique perspective gained from her position within the queer community, Ms. Aodh advises Secular Woman on trans-inclusive membership strategies, outreach and education. She brings to the Advisory Council a passion for social justice and a positive language-focused brand of activism. Ms. Aodh resides in the United States.

Soraya Chemaly is a secular feminist critic who writes about the role of gender in culture, politics, pop culture, religion and media. She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Fem2.0, The Feminist Wire, and Alternet. Her work also appears in the Ms. Magazine’s Blog, Role/Reboot and other media and is frequently used in women's studies programs. Soraya's thinking is concerned with revealing how male norms function in society and how gender is constructed and employed to allocate power and resources. She has appeared as a guest on NPR’s Talk of the Nation, Voice of Russia, Sirius XM progressive radio and she is a frequent HuffPost Live Panelist.

Noelle George has held leadership roles in the freethought community since 2009, most recently as Operations Manager at Foundation Beyond Belief, a secular charity where she also manages the Volunteers Beyond Belief program. She is a co-host of the Parenting Within Reason podcast sponsored in part by Secular Woman, and is the founder of the 1,300+ member Mothers Beyond Belief group, a private Facebook community intended as an alternative to birth boards loaded with religious posts. Through her professional work as an engineer, Ms. George has gained insights into navigating male-dominated organizations and industries, which she has applied to her work as an atheist and humanist activist. Her organizing experience and connections within the secular parenting community are helping to shape Secular Woman's outreach to secular families. Ms. George, a former project manager for the energy industry, lives in Houston with her husband and young daughter.

Melody Hensley  is the Executive Director of Center for Inquiry-Washington DC and the organizer of the CFI-sponsored Women in Secularism conference. Ms. Hensley has a background in volunteering and community organizing. She has been involved with church-state separation and secular activism, as well as reproductive rights and progressive issues, in the DC area for over a decade. Prior to her latest role, she served as the CFI-DC event and volunteer coordinator. Ms. Hensley's leadership initiating gender dialogue in the secular movement contributes to Secular Woman's mission of expanding opportunity for women in secular identity organizations.

Mary Ellen SikesMary Ellen Sikes  is the president and founder of the American Secular Census, the independent national registry of demographic and viewpoint information recorded by Secular Americans, and the American Secular Mainstream, secular voters renewing America through reason and democracy. Mary Ellen graduated from Virginia Tech with honors in mathematics. She is a Web developer with more than twenty years' experience in systems analysis, programming, and technology education for government, private industry, public schools, and the nonprofit sector. Mary Ellen became involved in the secular movement in the early 1990s, went on to found and lead a local humanist group, and served in various staff, officer, advisory, and board positions for regional and national organizations. Prior to launching the American Secular Census in November, 2011, Mary Ellen donated thousands of hours of technology services and other forms of assistance to secular identity organizations.

Secular Woman, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations and gifts made are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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