October 2012

A Message of Support for Greta Christina from a Secular Woman Member

A voice of reason and promoter of social justice, Greta Christina, has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

Elsa Roberts

Elsa Roberts' path to feminism and subsequent atheism started when she was about 11 and realized how much the Southern Baptist church she was raised in hated women. It was reinforced when her father informed her that she could never have a job supervising a man, since women were supposed to be subservient. She knew something couldn’t be right, and the seeds of deconversion were sown.

Monette Richards

Monette Richards experienced her first taste of sexism when she had to fight her way into the boys' baseball league at age 11. Later, having to demand entrance to the higher math classes into which boys were readily welcomed was another lesson of how society defined gender roles.

Secular Woman Leadership Expands By Eight

Meet our new Board and Advisory Council members.

Corinne Zimmerman

Corinne Zimmerman is a professor of psychology at Illinois State University (ISU). She has a baccalaureate degree in psychology from the University of Regina (her hometown).


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