February 2013

Secular Woman Offers Travel Grants to Women In Secularism

Secular Woman Offers Travel Grants to Women in Secularism 2

Apply for your group to become an affiliate

This page includes the webform to submit an application for your group to become a Secular Woman branded affiliate.
(1) A representative of the group is asked to include information on behalf of the group, including a second contact person. Fields marked with an asterisk* are required.
(2) Please read the "Terms of Agreement" (see below for link; a PDF document will open in a separate window). If you agree, please click the "I agree" box below.
(3) A member of Secular Woman will be in touch with the representative once the application has been reviewed. 

AHA Response

Kim, thank you for the level head you put forth at the heads meeting and the piece you recently delivered to my in box http://www.secularwoman.org/opportunity_%20and_%20access_freethought   I found this to be very helpful as a summary of the issue.  I agree with much and also disagree with a few of the comments made or reported.  As a leader (president of the American Humanist Association and 8 years on its board of directors) I need to point out that each of the “secular

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