March 2013

Susan Epperson

Ninth article in Secular Woman's Women's History Month series.

by Jamie Bougher

In 1928, the state of Arkansas passed a law. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad law. Or, well, at least it was a pretty discriminatory, anti-science law. Same thing. The law made it

If Clara Schumann Had Only Been a Man!

Eighth Article in Secular Woman's Women's History Month Ariticle Series

By Renée Neary, of NiftyIdeas

Testing OP for Notifications

Nope, don't see any.

Women in STEM

Seventh Article in Secular Woman's Women's History Month Series

by Tammy Walker, read more of her thoughts at her blog Free Thinking Ahead

Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris was raised in a fairly liberal Catholic household. When attending Catechism as a child, she never accepted what she was being taught as truth. She was often corrected when questioning on multiple occasions, "These are stories like fairy tales, right?" Once it came to being confirmed at age 13, she felt like she could not in good conscious go through with the sacrament.


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