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As part of Secular Woman's celebration of women's history we hosted a twitter chat to talk about women that are inspiring people and making history now.  Here is the resulting conversation. If the embed does not work, you can see the storify here.

Unfamous (as opposed to infamous) Secular Woman

Frances Wright

Frances Wright, A HerStory Article

by Dan Allosso, find him on FacebookTwitter, and on the web.

Her•Story: Matilda Joslyn Gage

"The most stupendous system of organized robbery known, has been that of the church towards woman, a robbery that has not only taken her selfrespect but all rights of person; the fruits of her own industry; her opportunities of education; the exercise of her own judgment; her own conscience; her own will."

Her•Story: Ann Zindler

Ann Zindler (February 25, 1935-January 4, 2013), American Atheists Lifetime Achievement Aaward winner is remembered by her husband.

Her•Story: Phyllis Diller

Diller’s career would prove to be a barrier-buster for women.

Her•Story: Thelma "Butterfly" McQueen

As my ancestors are free from slavery, I am free from the slavery of religion.

Thelma "Butterfly" McQueen (January 7, 1911 – December 22, 1995) was an American actress. Originally a dancer, the 28-year-old McQueen first appeared as Prissy, Scarlett O'Hara's maid in the 1939 film Gone with the Wind. She continued as film actress in the 1940s, then moved on to television in the 1950s. Raised a Christian, she began questioning organized religions as a child.

Her•Story: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I would like to be judged on the validity of my arguments, not as a victim.~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Her•Story: Joan Dunlop

The adoption of the Programme of Action of the Cairo Conference was the apex of Joan’s career. The Programme called for “advancing gender equality and equity and the empowerment of women,” prenatal care, education, including sex education, for women and girls, and, where legal, safe abortions.

Her•Story: Nora Ephron

And every so often I’m with a group of people and you just run out of things to say and I say, “How many people believe in God?” In fact, the way we play the game is you have to guess how many people at the table believe in God. And it’s always more than I think it’s going to be. I’m always a little surprised that it’s even three out of eight.


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